Code of Conduct (Del-Ko Brydge Soccer)

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Del-Ko Brydge Soccer Association Code of Conduct

-  Play by the rules.  If you do not understand, please ask.   
-  Remember that you are part of a team. 
- Cheer all players (cheer much louder for your team!). 
- Respect your fellow players, coaches, referees and parents. 
- Control your temper and your emotions while on the field. 
- Play for your enjoyment – not just to please coaches or parents. 
- Tell your coach or the referee if you are injured while playing. 
- Winning is only part of the game. 
- Have fun, make friends, improve your skills and do your best.

- Never ridicule your child for making an error. 
- Remember that children play for their enjoyment – not yours. 
- Show your appreciation for volunteer coaches and referees. 
- Never undermine the coaches’ authority in front of the team. 
- Remember that many of our referees are also children (learning) 
- Always set a good example for fair play. 
- Applaud all good plays. 
- Never make your child feel guilty for losing a game. 
- Try to know the game and understand the rules. 
- Volunteer your services whenever possible. 
- Help us to eliminate all traces of violence from children’s sports.

- Commit to improve the performance of the players and the team physically and mentally. 
- Commit to providing a high quality soccer program for players with a positive environment. 
- Be thoroughly acquainted with the rules of the game and keep attuned to the sound principles of coaching. 
- Respect all individuals as unique human beings. 
- Opponents and referees must be treated with respect. 
- Players must be coached to win within the laws of the game. 
- Coaches must be enthusiastic and positive. 
- Be generous with praise when deserved. 
- Maintain high standards of personal conduct and fair play.